Noah Olson Surprised with One Brick Higher Award

Purdue University Fort Wayne Chancellor Ron Elsenbaumer surprised a student with the One Brick Higher Award for his heroic efforts to save the life of a person in need.

Freshman Noah Olson received the One Brick Higher Award during a timeout of the men’s basketball game during homecoming on Saturday, January 26.

One Brick Higher is a special honor presented to Purdue University faculty, staff, and students who go beyond the requirements of their role and through extraordinary effort to improve the lives of those around them, increase the effectiveness of the workplace, or prevent or solve problems.

In late November, Olson saw a young woman in distress jump into the freezing cold St. Joseph River. He jumped in after her and pulled her to safety. Emergency personnel arrived within minutes and took the woman and Olson to the hospital.

“We are so very proud of Noah,” said Chancellor Elsenbaumer. “It takes a very special person to risk their own safety to save the life of someone else and we honor him for his selflessness.”

Olson is a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering technology.

Read and Watch the WANE TV NewsChannel 15 Story

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